Why You Need A Brand

The Primary Benefits of a Great Identity

why you need a brand

Branding is one of the things small businesses need the most, but don’t like to think about. Both its necessity and intimidation factor stem from the fact that it’s such an overarching concept. Branding yourself or your company is a challenging undertaking that requires introspection, research, and planning.   Because it’s such…

6 Ways You Can Improve Your Website Now

A list of common site issues and how to improve them

Ways to fix your website

One of the surprising things about design in general and websites specifically is how fine a line there is sometimes between good and bad design. All the little details and design choices incrementally contribute or detract from the quality of a website. Equally surprising is how dramatically bad design can…

Why Does Web Design Cost So Much?

Understanding the value behind the price tag

As part of an ongoing series of posts geared towards small business web design, I’m addressing a series of common questions, concerns, and misconceptions. Today we’re taking a look at what drives the cost of having a website professionally designed. This is the logical follow up…