With a background in small business branding and an eye for rich engaging graphics, I can help you consolidate your brand into a polished, professional visual identity. I can refine existing assets, create new ones, and apply them across all marketing channels.

In addition, I help clients be good stewards of their brand, educating them on best practices and helping them maximize the value of the tools, graphics and assets I provide.

Looking Better Then Ever

Standing out is half the battle. A clean, professional, and consistent brand will help set you apart from the competition. Understanding the value of good branding and the proper application of visual identity assets, is an important part of any business’ growth. A strong logo, appropriate fonts, and complimentary colors will elevate your company in the eyes of your customers. Get set up with a comprehensive re-brand or get your image in order with a visual identity package.

Logo Design

Make a good first impression with a new logo or get your existing one touched up. A logo is the face of your brand, and a primary audience touchpoint.

Visual Identity

Looking professional is a key way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Let’s sharpen up your image, color palette, typography and collateral.

Brand Concept

Your brand concept is the core values and mission that drive your company. Defining the vision behind your company helps guide its future.

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