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Some of you know I create digital artwork on the side. I have over the past year pursued it more intently and am excited to introduce a site focused entirely on my work as a digital artist. is my own personal gallery, and will feature a growing collection of my for-sale artwork. Each piece is sold in a variety of formats and mediums on (linked on each artwork page).


Designer / Artist

A love of art, of all kinds, has always been part of my identity as a designer. Creating beautiful things, is after all one of the pillars of my brand. As an illustrator and digital artist the desire to express myself in this way has always driven my work. The expanse of creative possibility, the various ways and styles you can use to interpret and express a subject fascinates and inspires me.


Color is another big part of my design ethic. I love the visceral power of vivid, visually arresting tones, and I typically produce 2-3 different color interpretations of every piece I do. Though I don’t want to wear a concept out, I do like the idea of exploring each piece in this way.


My work currently has been focused on a facetted, mosaic style of expressionism, that infuses nature and bold color to create a sort of hybrid of contemporary elegance and pop art. Because of their natural beauty and color, I was initially drawn to flowers as a subject matter, cultivating a small collection of floral artworks.


Though my work so far adheres mainly to this style I’m currently exploring a range of styles and subject matter and am enjoying the process of discovering my voice as an artist. I look forward to sharing a broader range of artwork in the near future. Check out the site, let me know what you think, and pick something out that you like. I’m also available to do commissioned work if you have something specific in mind.


Much more to come soon.

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by David Lange

David Lange is a freelance web designer and brand consultant living in Shelbyville Ky. A multi-disciplinary designer, illustrator, and artist, he has a myriad of experience and insights into the world of web and branding. He's currently focused on helping small businesses understand and harness the web.